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Foster children’s social and affective development

We adopt a child-based interactive learning approach to encourage children to interact with the environment and their peers actively, learn to get along with others, express themselves, strengthen their language skills, and nurture good manners, courtesy and positive characters.

Help children develop self-care skills and build routines

We encourage basic self-care skills of children, e.g. tidying, feeding themselves, queuing and expressing the need to use the toilet and more.

Enhance children’s gross and fine motor coordination skills

Along with the use of different learning materials and tools, a rich variety of activities stimulating children’s five senses are also arranged to enhance their gross and fine motor skills and coordination ability.

Facilitate children’s language and cognitive development

We immerse children in a “biliterate and trilingual” language environment filled with Chinese and English stories, nursery rhymes and simple vocabulary to enhance their listening, speaking and reading skills. We also give assignments that require parent’s involvement to consolidate children’s learning and instill in them a love for learning.