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Given that K3 students are entering a new learning stage, a three-week “Primary One Adaption Week” is arranged for K3 students to help them lay a foundation before entering primary school. The Adaptation Week is supported by teaching practices and curriculum design that are adopted in a primary school.

Primary One Mock Activity

Programme Activities

Primary One Mock Class

1.  Subject-based lessons: Children attend subject-based lessons taught by different teachers.

2. Recess is included in a school day. During the recess, children can use the toilet, have snacks and take a break.

Student HandbookChildren are required to fill out their student handbook and parents are required to sign the handbook every day.
Class Monitor & the Student on DutyChildren are required to take it in turns to be the class monitor or the student on duty to help teachers collect and distribute classroom materials.
Chinese and English Dictation PracticeMock Chinese and English dictations are done every Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Parents are suggested to help children prepare for the dictation at home.