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Interest Classes for Children

Time: 12:10 – 1:00 pm Monday to Friday

(Please refer to notice for details)

English Class


Taught by experienced native English teacher, the phonics lesson can help children learn how letters and pronunciation relate, so that they can try to read out new vocabulary. This skill is important for children to write and read English in future. Children can learn English happily through activities like stories and games designed by the teacher. Also, parents can know the learning progress by the worksheets of each lesson and evaluation report.

STEAM Master


STEAM Master covers six themes, namely meteorology, mechanics, electricity, food science, magnetism and magic of water. Combining scientific knowledge and artistic creation, the class allows children to understand the impact of science and technology on our lives, to appreciate the wonder of the nature and to arouse their curiosity. Small experiments or related creative activities will be arranged in class for children to learn through experience and to explore the world of science.

Creative Drawing


The drawing class is conducted by HKSCEA registered instructor to deliver aesthetic training to children through drawing. Children will learn the basics of drawing skills and use of colour, and more importantly, learn to appreciate themselves and to build self-confidence and to appreciate and respect others. A drawing with childlike innocence, a brush of colour, a few strokes and even a line can reflect the inner world of children.

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Sing and Dance Around the World


The class makes use of the classic music and iconic items representing different countries to let children experience different cultures in a pleasant environment. Children will also learn to dance with music, which can nurture their sense of music and rhythm. The various steps of dance are also helpful for children’s physical development.